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Adult Ministries

Community Groups

We invite you to join one of our small groups!

LifeGroups are a small group ministry that meets informally to facilitate fellowship that grows into discipleship relationships.


For more information, please contact any of the following Lifegroup leaders.

Ladies’ Bible Study

We meet every other Saturday morning, at church.


Ladies Bible study is for all women age 18 and up. Our vision is to know God better in order to love Him more so that we will obey Him always. Our method is simply studying His Word together with other books which focus on how we as saved sinners can serve Him and our sisters in Christ.


In addition, we firmly believe that prayer with and for one another is vital. We partake in this activity each time we get together during our fellowship time. And yes . . . on many occasions, food and beverage are involved.

Men’s Bible Studies

Men's Bible Study 1

This Bible Study meets every other Saturday morning at Stockholm Inn. Our practice is to study books that support our theology such as Knowing Christ by Mark Jones and Finally Alive by John Piper. While there is a good deal of time in fellowship, our conversation is centered on how the Word of God may be applied to our lives. Our conversation is challenging, edifying, and encouraging. We are a group of men dedicated to the Lord, each other, and some great food.

Men's Bible Study 2

This is an inductive Bible study made up of men who desire to see God reveal Himself through His Word and in their lives. We meet in each others' homes to spend time fellowshipping and studying around the Word every other week in the evenings. Wives and children are always welcome and spend time together while the men study. Galatians was the first book that we dug into several years ago, and since then we've also gone through the books of Hebrews, Genesis, Daniel, the Gospel of John and are now currently working our way through Job.

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